Saturday, June 10, 2006

Dutch Gap Conservation Area and wetlands~
This evening we went to an amazing area of natural beauty called the Dutch Gap Conservation Area. It seems to consist of low wetlands and marsh and many, many birds. It's in central Virginia and 80 miles west of the Chesapeake Bay. It looks like a prehistoric area of strange beauty and right next to this is the Dominion power company which presents a strange contrast. with so many frogs singing at first when we got out of the car, I thought someone was playing music somewhere. Nearby is the Citie of Henricus which is supposed to be 4 years older than Jamestown but that area was closed and I only got to see thatched roofs of huts over the fence. Will have to go back and see this when it's open! Got a cool photo of the power plant with the sun setting between the towers or whatever those things are. Lucky shot since I took it from the open window of our moving vehicle! The sun looks like a shooting star at the end of the jet trail.


The Epiphany Artist said...

Dont you love taking photos! I love it!!! Yours are great I get to see another area of the country that actually has hills!

LynClay said...

Thanks Terri it was a very strange almost prehistoric looking place and yep I love taking pictures! This was an inlet of water 80 miles west of the Chesapeake Bay.

W. J. St. Christopher said...

I love both of these pics! Isn't it great when you snap something, last minute, from the vehicle and it turns out to be special?

The way you describe the place as "prehistoric looking" -- gosh, I would LOVE to see that! Sounds like a great day trip!