Friday, June 30, 2006

TGIF!!!! ~ Every Friday in the Quickie Digi Abstract thread in we take turns making up a virtual digibar for artistic friendship and fun. Has anyone noticed that WC has been down today? Arrrgh! :( I keep getting a message that there is a problem with the database. Well, I have some plans to do some painting this weekend. I stopped by Michaels after work this evening and bought some canvas and paints and assorted art goodies. Sheesh, the price on some of the paintbrushes are scary though!


The Epiphany Artist said...

I know I know!! Paint brushes!!! expensive!

W. J. St. Christopher said...

Hey, Lynette! I've seen some of your 'digi-bars' before (lurking, don't you know), and they're always great.

With your detailed, illuminated scenes and glowing moons, you've really created a very distinctive "digital" style. You've really gotta start selling your digital work!

C'mon, you know you want to!

LynClay said...

Hehe I thought I saw you dancing under the moon at the digibar last weekend W.J.! :) Yes I would LOVE to sell prints of my digitals and a friend of mine said she would make some prints for me at a really good price but she's away for a couple days. I'm still trying to figure out the best place to sell them, through my blog, Artbyus (the only online place I sell), or open an etsy shop (darn I wish they would accept paypal in there to open an account instead of a credit card!)

W. J. St. Christopher said...

You know me, Lynette; if there's a moon to be found, I'll dance under it! As far as where to sell:

I never sold anything on ABU and had very few views. I don't remember seeing any digital work sell there (of course, I may have missed something). You might do better there, as you've already sold some work on ABU.

I haven't sold anything yet on Etsy (it's been about a month), and they've had some major site probs, recently -- but, it's cheap to post, so I'm hanging in there for a while longer & adding some even smaller, more affordable items.

All but two of my sales this year have come directly from the blog, with readers following the links back to and making a purchase.

One of the other two pieces was a "stumble-across" on Yessy, and the second 'non-blog' sale was to a local, repeat customer.

So, right now, I consider the blog my primary venue.

It's great if you can get a deal on your reproductions. That will be a huge help no matter where you end up selling!

LynClay said...

W.J. I can see why your blog does so well because you have done a fantastic job on it. It's so professional and appealing and your work really speaks for itself because it's unique and VERY gorgeous! I LOVE your latest red series, they rock! I am hoping I can start getting some sales through my blog eventually. I just finished painting a moon today, woohoo. I haven't seen any sales of digital or photos sell through ABU either. I hope that will change as more people come in there to buy. I go for months without a nibble then someone surprises me by bidding every now and then. :)

LynClay said...

eek Terri yes the paintbrushes are so expensive. I bought a tiny little fine point brush and now I'm almost afraid to use it and mess it up LOL!