Saturday, March 29, 2008

Candyland scapes 1 & 2 ~ These are both acrylics on watercolor paper, ACEO size. I've been busy the last few days! I did some painting of a different sort the day before yesterday. I painted the exterior of all nine of the windows in our house and was climbing up and down a ladder most of the day. My husband was inside fixing the latches on the windows at the same time. He would probably laugh (or kill me for telling on him LOL) but at one point, I heard him tapping on the window inside and looked to see he was mooning me. Yep, he has a weird sense of humor and it's too bad that someone wasn't walking by when he did that! :) :) I'd never let him live it down LOL!

Yesterday we had a whole new heating system/AC installed since our old one almost caught the house on fire the other day! The new one feels great, aaahhh!! I hope everyone has a great spring weekend!!


Kim said...

Lynette! You have made me rolling on the floor here with your post! You know I can just imagine this happening at my house...the mooning (although I am not imagining too hard)! LOL Gosh, did you almost fall? I would have! Don't worry, we will not tell your husband you told!

I really like these fun whimsical paintings! You are so much like spring!

The funny thing is I am going to find myself smiling thinking of this happening to you...and hey, your husband deserved you telling! Tee Hee

Lynette said...

Kim, he did it really quick but I just have that image in my mind and I couldn't believe he did that LOLOL! We are still laughing about it and I let him know that I told on him tonight! :) Thanks for the nice words on my paintings!

cynthia said...

These are so spring like - and oh, how I'm ready for a beautiful spring!


I still don't know how you manage to get so MUCH into the tiny works! Love the definite spring feel of these two!

And that story!!!Hilarious!

Janvangogh said...

These look so fresh. I am ready for spring.

LOL on your hubby's prank.

Lynette said...

Thanks so much Cyn, Babs and Janet! I'm ready for spring too!