Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spirit Woods ~ This is acrylics on a 6 x 6 inch stretched canvas.

Rob (dh) and I had a real scare very early Wednesday morning! Around 5 a.m., we were both awakened from deep sleep by a steady high pitched beeping. We were groggy and confused and we had no idea what the irritating sound was until we both stumbled, half asleep into the hallway. After I realized it was the smoke detecter going off, I thought it was malfunctioning and felt like throwing the thing out the window till we both started smelling acrid smoke or something burning! Rob realized that it was coming through the heating vents and I was panicking and getting ready to call the fire department. It seems our old central air/electric heat unit had overheated and almost caught on fire and it probably would have if the smoke detector hadn't woke us up! I shudder to think what would have happened if that smoke detector wasn't recently installed on the ceiling in the hallway and I'm ashamed to say that I let the battery go dead for over a year before fixing the thing recently. I know that I'll test that battery weekly from now on, it may have saved our lives!!


Kim said...

Lynette! I can't even think of what you have gone through! Oh My! Don't forget...change the batteries when the time changes! Keep the batteries around at all time! I am so glad you had changed them earlier! What a terrifying experience!

I Love the Painting, by-the-way! Really wonderful...somehow today, your words come across louder!

Have a Great and SAFE Weekend, Lynnette!


GASP,,,,,,,,how scarey is that!
I can only imagine how blessed you felt when it was all over!
My favorite saying comes to mind:
"Expect A Miracle" (we receive them every day,,,,if we know where to look,,,,didn't have to look far to find this one!)

Love the warm, golden light on this tree! Seems to me that the leaves are different than usual. Am I just seeing things?

Janvangogh said...

That is scary! Glad you are okay. Off to check my batteries now.

Lynette said...

Thank you Kim and yes it was horrifying to worry that the house was on fire! Rob discovered what it was really fast and as soon as he hit the circuit breaker, we calmed down a little. He stayed up the rest of that night to make sure it wasn't going to catch on fire. I wanted to communicate, without sounding preachy, how important it is to have a working smoke detector. See I got Janet to check the batteries in hers! :p
Awww hugs to you Babs, whew that was so scary and it did feel like a miracle after it was over...felt like I was in panic mode all day though and could still smell that smoke!!

Lynette said...

oops Babs, I forgot to answer your question and thanks for the lovely words! I did make that tree different, especially the leaves. It turned out looking like a big sort of clump though. I started to title that one 'The Ugly Tree' LOL!

f said...


I am so glad you are all well!
What a scary experience for you all...
Take care.


dmlebris said...

I don't know what happened!
I hit the wrong keys!


Lynette said...

Thanks Danielle, it was really scary that morning! Now I am dreading to see what it is going to cost to get a new air/heating unit installed, ugh! Hehe, I was wondering who 'f' was...the bad thing about Blogger is you can't edit and I'm always making booboos! :p


But Lynnie, I LOVE those leaves!
for real!
NOT ugly!

Lynette said...

Awww thank you Babs!!! You made me feel better about this one! I really did start to name it The Ugly Tree though LOL, maybe cause it's spooky looking, I don't know! :D


Do NOT wrap that baby up in a Ugly label,,,,she is not!

Cestandrea said...

Oups, what a story! I'm so glad you put that new battery in recently. It is always great when we have the occasion to learn things by chance and not by accident:)
Love the spirit tree, these little yellowish souls glittering on the tip of the branches...