Monday, March 31, 2008

'Tall Trees' ~ This is two ACEOs I finished today. I've been really getting the urge to paint something larger but I need to buy some stretched canvas at Michaels first. I got a sales paper this weekend and they have a sale on all the art supplies!
What kind of fools would get married on April Fool's Day?! Well, my husband and I did 22 years ago and we're celebrating our anniversary tomorrow! :) We'll probably go out and eat at Outback for a special occasion. When we got married so long ago, we had fun with it because our friends thought that we were playing an April Fool's joke on them when we told them we went and got married!


Mother of Invention said...

Happy 22nd Anniversary! That is a really fun time to get married! Well, I think if you've come this far, you're over any bad spots and you'll make it! We're doing our 28th this July!
Have fun at Outback! They'll give you a free dessert!


Love these trees Lynn. The second looks like a headless figure!

Happy Anniversary! Love Outback,,,and I didn't know you'd get a free dessert,,,,cool!
Have a great time!

Lynette said...

Wooo thank you MOI and I'm with Babs, I didn't know you could get a free dessert! I usually have enough food for 2 meals when we eat there so I'm saving some room for desert tomorrow night and getting a doggy bag!
Awww thanks Babs and have a great time up at the lake! I'm thinking about going to Michaels tomorrow and stocking up on some art supplies.

cynthia said...

Happy anniversary!!

Janvangogh said...

Happy Anniversary! Today is my husband's birthday. Going out to eat also. Have fun.

Shayla said...

Hah, hah! Sounds like you and your husband have a sense of humor. That's a great help- no wonder you're at 22 years. Happy anniversary. Love the trees!

Kim said...

Happy Anniversary, my friend! How lovely? I think that is a great thing to be married on AFD! Funny! I also have an April anniversary, but a few years before yours and 20 days later! LOL

Hey, I love these trees! They look so craggy and narley against that fabulous sky! You know, I personally know trees like this! :)

Have fun buying supplies and let us know what treasures you find.

Thanks Lynette!

JafaBrit's Art said...

Lyn these are stunning, they have so much character and soul, and are just beautifully done.

Happy anniversary, hope you had a yummy dinner :)

Lynette said...

Thanks so much Cyn, it's hard to believe it's been 22 years for us!
Hey Janet, a very Happy Birthday to your husband!
Hi Shayla, yes we have tried to laugh and have fun, it helps to get through the rough spots for sure. Thank you.
Hey Kim your anniversary is coming up soon then! Ugh, I didn't make it to Michaels today, hopefully tomorrow though. Thanks so much.
Aww thank you Corinne! Well we ended up eating Outbacks and I had enough left over for supper tonight too, it was yummy!

Janvangogh said...

Have you thought about stretching your own canvas?

I make mine with 1x2's and use butt joints --- the corner folds cover any flaws in the joints.

I cut a piece of wallpaper liner to fit the front. Then I use unprimed canvas.

After it is stretched, then I add primer and it helps to tighten up the canvas.

I havent made really big ones with it yet. Right now for the smaller canvases, I use just pine, but if I go bigger I will use a hardwood to avoid warping.

I gave a friend some of the frames and she did the same with liner and muslin. Hers turned out tight as a drum.

San said...

Happy Anniversary, Lynette! My husband and I enjoyed our 22nd back in January. A good spouse to share the journey is so special.

And thank you for capturing the spirits of those bare trees.

The Epiphany Artist said...

Happy 22 and 102 more!

Lynette said...

Janet, I had thought about stretching my own canvas and even bought some small stretcher bars. That sounds like a good process. I was wondering what kind of primer you use? Would white gesso work the same?
Aww thank you San and Terri, we had a nice anniversary! San, you must have gotten married right before we did!

Janvangogh said...

I use good ol' primer by the gallon from the big box stores. I am sure gesso would work just fine. Just more expensive. Maybe save gesso for the second coat.

Cestandrea said...

These are reminding me an episode of hiking in the snow in Germany many years ago, in the snow while it was getting dark and we were afraid of having to walk (with our skis, in fact) in the dark.

This tree, standing there without leaves, it is very beautiful,