Monday, April 07, 2008


Web of Innocence ~ I just finished this one and it's 9 x 12 inches on 140 lb watercolor paper. I'm still using that tube of pearl iridescent acrylics, I love the silvery reflectiveness of it! It seems to dry a lot faster than the regular acrylics so I have a wet cloth handy just in case I don't like how something looks. You have to rush to wipe it off quickly or it's dry! We have had almost a week of leaden gray skys, rain, thunderstorms, drizzle, cool temps etc. and more of the same tomorrow. I think we've had enough April showers, I'm ready for the May flowers and some sunshine now!
I always wondered what an 'Etsy Mini' was and discovered it was easy to set up in my blog in the sidebar! The only tricky part is changing the code in your blog template to insert the Etsy code. All that tiny print made me wish my eyes were the way they used to be!


cynthia said...

I'm ready for some May flowers too. We keep getting teased with warm weather only to have it snow the next day! Fantastic paintings.

Kim said...

Hey Lynnette! I love your mini on the sidebar! I hear you about the tiny print!

This painting is wonderful...super! I love the weby-ness! And of course the colors are fab.

I have to say I am okay with the local weather here lately (although the boys had a rough weekend of hiking), since I know the heat and humidity are on the way. I don't mind the heat, but combined with the humidity the heat is brutal.

Beautiful painting, Lynette!



Terrific work Lynnie,,,looks like my flowering almond trees did last week. This week the blossoms are completely white.In one week!
Love the ribbon effect in the left,,,,,and of course the drips.
Very interesting limbs on this one too,,,,love it! I know I repeat myself, but I am SO glad we can enlarge and see what all went into the works on Blogger.
Gonna try doing that Etsy thing on my blog also,,,when I can think, lol,,,it may be a while!

Mother of Invention said...

Very dreamy like and reminds me of candy floss (cotton candy)! I can see ghosty things too!

Janvangogh said...

Everything is blossoming here too. I think pink trees are so pretty.

San said...

Like something from a fairy tale, dripping with glistening dew, that web ready to catch the magic.

And Lynnette, those upraised limbs on the tree trunk--that's a delightful touch.

JafaBrit's Art said...

I really like your etsy widget on the side, gives a nice visual of your work. It never ceases to amaze me how you can keep coming up with trees and yet each is so refreshing and wonderful.

W. J. St. Christopher said...

I love how this tree is dripping light!

I envy your current weather -- I have the reverse of that SAD disorder. It's cool, moody, cloudy days that make me feel most imaginative and invigorated.

Too much warmth and sunlight saps the energy right out of me and drains my brain in a most negative way.

Now, a cold sunny day . . . that's good stuff!

Marie said...

Bravo Lynette...les couleurs sont superbes...

Lynette said...

Oh thank you so much Cynthia, Kim, Babs, MOI, Janet, San, Corinne, Wendy J., Marie!!! Gee, I don't know where my brain was at that I didn't reply to this post before :( I thank you all very much!