Friday, April 25, 2008

'Tiny Pastoral'


'Warm Horizon'~

I've been fiddling with these two ACEO size ones this week and finally got them finished today. Somtimes I just can't get in the mood to paint and have to let things 'stew' in my mind for a few days. Anyways, these 2 little ones are acrylics on watercolor paper and I even put what is supposed to be teeny tiny cows in the first painting.

I want to thank my good friend Kim from Creating Space for awarding me the 'Excellent Blogger' Award. Kim, thank you so very much!! Now I'm to pass on the award and it's just too hard to pick from so many excellent bloggers, but to recieve the Excellent Blogger award, I picked:

1. Babs and her Off the Wall Art blog, she is a truly amazing artist and dear friend.
2. Mother of Invention and her Spilling Out blog. Check out her wonderful photos and Friday poetry.
3. Angela from Angela's Art Diary. She's a very dedicated and talented young artist.
4. T.L. West and her Epiphany Art blog. She is a very talented artist with lovely works showcased in her blog.
I believe you can pick 10 people to pass this award on to so I'll have to think of more to pick in the next few days.



Lynnie, both of these new works are awesome!
And YES,,,those are perfectly good cows! (just enough information to describe them)
Beautiful, wonderful work!

Aaw, thanks Lynnie,,,for the award. I'll be picking it up soon.
Appreciate you so much!

Kim said...

Lynette! These are really great...I love the tiny cows, too! They so remind me of spring time in the country. Beautiful work.

Cool Award...and you and Babs so deserve it!

I am off to visit these other blogs! :)


Am I just noticing, Lynnie, or is Pastoral the first horizontal you've done in the aceos?
It's really VERY nice!

Lynette said...

Thanks so much Babs and Kim! Babs, for some reason I haven't painted very many horizontal aceos. I guess it's usually because I mostly paint just a single tree. I really had fun with this one though and I thought it was funny to paint in something as huge as a cow in such a tiny spot.

JafaBrit's Art said...

I really like your landscape painting or pastoral painting. It has a wonderful charm to it.

Janvangogh said...

Are those tiny tiny Galloways? Google them. You will want to paint that kind of cow from now on.

Lynette said...

Thank you so much Corinne and Janet and I'm going to google Galloways now.

Lynette said...

Oh that is a coincidence because they call them Oreo cows LOL! They have a white stripe down the middle and are raised over in Ireland/England. LOL I must have been influenced by the flower seeds that Babs sent me. I got those planted the other day. Thanks Janet! Here's a link to the site I found:

Lynette said...

hmm, I don't know if links work in blog posts but it had to have the .asp after it. They are really cute cows LOL! I'll see if this link works now.

Lynette said...


Janvangogh said...

Yes, Oreo cows. There area a couple of places here that raise them.

Shayla said...

It looks like early morning when the sun has just melted the fog. Very peaceful!

BTW, I really enjoyed the interview you did awhile back. I wasn't sure whether to comment on her blog or yours, so I didn't say anything, lol.

It was breathtaking to see so many of your major pieces in one spot. You are such an inspiring artist, Lynette!

San said...

Scrumptious palette, Lynette. I'm groovin' on the pastoral softness in both, and yes, the hint of cows is a sweet touch! Mirage-like.

And those light speckles in the lower painting--magical and dreamy.

Congratulations on your Excellent Blogger award. You deserve it and I will enjoy visiting your awardees.

Mother of Invention said...

Thanks, Lynette! I'm honoured and very happy that you visit my blog. I just love the Tiny Pastoral! So soft like those old-fashioned pictures are.


((( Lynnie))))

so GLAD you and yours are safe!

Lynette said...

Janet those oreo cows are really pretty with the long hair, I'd love to see some IRL.
Shayla thanks so much! I had fun doing that interview with Kim, she's a wonderful person. I think your art is gorgeous!
Thanks so much San!
MOI good grief, I picked 4 people for the award and then didn't notify you! I love your friday poetry and the wonderful photos in your blog!