Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Teddy Bear Teaparty with...flower seeds that look like teeny tiny oreo cookies!! My dear friend and talented artist Babs from Off the Wall Art has the most wonderful plant seeds that she has been sharing. They come up and bloom all summer long and produce 'magic' been pods later on. She mailed me some and mentioned that they look like tiny oreo cookies and they really do! They are the cutest seeds, so of course I had to set 'em up with my minerature teddybear teapot set for a photo shoot!!! :) I am going to plant them just as soon as the weather stays warm and share photos of them as they are growing. Thanks Babs!!
WHAT AN EXCITING WEEK! ~ Kim, a very talented artist, has been doing a series of interviews with other artists and I had the honor of being interviewed by her this week! You can visit her blog and see the interview in her blog at Creating Space Thank you Kim!!


Kim said...

Oh Lynette! This is so cute and they really look like oreo cookies in this setting, don't they? Really cute!

Everyone! Please come and see what Lynette has to share....some beautiful art, some great tips and some surprises about herself! She has a real treat in store for your eyes.

Thanks is great fun working with you!


Thanks Lynnie, for inviting us to your Teddy Tea Party!
I just LOVE these seeds,,,hope they don't grow little bags of Oreos!
Well,,,,maybe that WOULD be okay!

The Epiphany Artist said...

what a wonderful interview! Thank you so much!

Lynette said...

Aww Kim, I'm so honored and excited about the interview and can never thank you enough! Those are the cutest seeds and I couldn't resist putting them on a teeny plate!
Babs, ha that would be fantastic if they did LOL, I'm picturing that and I'd be out there harvesting 'em every day! Good grief, I forgot to put the link to the plant and I hope this is the right one:
Thanks so much Terri. Kim is an awesome lady and she made it so easy. I have to admit I was kind of nervous on what to say but after I got started, Kim made it easy. Thanks Kim!


And aren't you glad it's 'up there' now,,,,and done?
Know the feeling,,,,but you did a great job of the interview Lynnie,,,great job!

Cestandrea said...

Lynette, just to say again that the interview was so interesting to read. And your art is so good to look at! It is like sitting on the wooden bench in front of a little wooden house somewhere on a hill, looking at the moon:)
PS, and these little bears are soooo cute! The seeds look like:
Little sleeping penguins! :) perhaps they'll grow into that when you put them in the earth?

cynthia said...

How fantastic - I'll hope you'll share photos of the plants in bloom!

Janvangogh said...

Makes me want to sing Teddy Bear Picnic!

Lynette said...

Awww Babs, yep I was relieved to get the questions done and was worried about what to say LOL! You were absolutely right when you said that Kim would make it easy. I loved the interview she did with you too!!
Ha Andrea, you are right they do look like little sleeping penguins too, that is a cute idea! :) Thanks for the nice words and there is a big glowy full moon up there tonight too...think I am going to have to do some painting hehe!
Thanks Cyn, we had one little cold snap but I think I'm going to get them planted in the next day or two and will share photos of them for sure.
Ha Janet, that song would be perfect LOL!!