Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I could see broken glass and dresses all over the floor here.

They worked all night boarding up the broken windows.

There were cars stacked on top of each other here yesterday!

We didn't even see these workmen on the roof when we drove by!

Mr. Wayne Covil, our local newsman at work. Rob knows him from the racetrack and we waved as we drove by. The local news people did a great job reporting the latest news and sharing pictures of the tornado damage!

The tornado hit the Target Store shopping mall, then skipped over and hit this pool store and carpet business, doing even more damage. It ripped off most of the roof here!

Tornadoes!!! ~ Three of them hit Virginia yesterday evening and one was way too close for comfort! Colonial Heights is our nearby town and we have relatives living there. Rob and I drove in today and got these photos. Thank goodness, nobody was killed but about 200 people had cuts and scrapes. We just had heavy downpour here at the house with black skies and didn't even know the tornado was hitting in town!

This tornado was bad enough but nothing like the F-4 one that hit our area back in '93. I actually heard the sound it made that day since it was hitting the old town area 2 blocks from where I was working that day! Wow, I'll never forget that sound even though I heard it from a distance...like a combination wind tunnel and truck. I remember asking someone else if they could hear the weird sounding truck out there. A couple of minutes before, like dummies, we were all looking outside the 2nd floor window oohing and ahhing and looking at the street signs flipping back and forth, having no idea or warning that a tornado was 2 blocks away! I found an old Youtube video that someone had made of the destruction from that day in '93. You may want to turn your speakers down if you don't like loud rock music, but the photos are incredible.


It tore through the Wal-mart killing 4 people that day! Sigh, Mother Nature can sure wallop us sometimes!!

Thoughts and prayers going out to the people down in Suffolk, VA. They got hit a whole lot worse than we did yesterday! :( I think I'm still feeling a little 'shellshocked' today, this brought back memories from '93!


cynthia said...

Wow - I didn't realize that tornadoes hit Virginia! I'm glad to hear you're safe and sound.

Kim said...

Lynette! As a little girl growing up in Virginia in the 1960's, tornadoes were things they had way out there in Texas and Oklahoma! We had floods and the eastern part of the state would get hurricanes, but tornadoes and earthquakes didn't happen.

I have since lived through tornadoes and hurricanes. I have a huge respect for the force of mother nature and really prefer not to anger her :) I can tell you have the same respect, too.

I am very grateful for the time of day these storms hit and for only the material damage and the lives which were spared. Looking at CNN, it is amazing, indeed!

I send peace and healing to everyone in SE Virginia. I am glad you are safe, my friend.


So glad you were at home,,,,and SAFE Lynnie!
God is good, even when Mother Nature isn't.

Janvangogh said...

We used to have really bad storms growing up in SE Wisconsin. Tornadoes were almost a regular part of life.

Lynette said...

Thanks Cyn, woo it was scary but we didn't get it near as bad as those down south of us.
Kim, it really hit Suffolk hard and OMG those houses look like toothpicks! Yep, I'm with you, Mother Nature is one to respect and fear sometimes. I sure wouldn't want to anger her.
Aww Babs, I agree 100 percent with you on that and I know the scary tornado situations you have had out in OK!! I would have to have a cellar/shelter it's just too scary!
eek, you too Janet, I've heard Wisconsin has some wild weather.

Mother of Invention said...

I'm glad you weren't hit! It must be exciting though. We had a big one here about 20 years ago and we're getting into Tornado season at the end of May.

JafaBrit's Art said...

The top tree looks like it caught the debris from the tornadoes and became a beautiful tree.

Glad everyone was fine after all those tornadoes.