Saturday, May 17, 2008

Men from Outer Space ~ This is the wip I was working on and I finally got it finished today. It's 11 x 14 inches on a deep stretched canvas. I was trying for pure abstraction, but started seeing the shapes of red cloaked figures walking towards what looks like a hole in a spaceship. Sometimes my imagination just takes over when doing a painting!


Florence said...

Very nice Lynette! I see a summer night with lights :-)

Janvangogh said...

Lovely colors Lynette

San said...

I see the figures too, Lynette. Magical and mysterious. And yes, a little "out of this world."


Always such terrific depth in your work!
Can almost hear those softly humming engines.
(if they have engines, that is)

I was out looking at the full moon tonight,,,,didn't notice these guys around anywhere.
Great job Lynnie!

Cestandrea said...

Lynette, I have a very special feeling when I look at this painting. Something that puts me into a magic world, with ice palaces and redhot figures moving in it.
Love this painting,

Kim said...


This is so much fun! I love how you have brought the light in to the darkness, too. This is really a wonderful composition and super colors.

Thanks Lynette.


Lynette said...

Aww thank you Flo, very much! Janet I didn't know if I needed to add more color at the bottom, thanks! San, thank you, I think I went into some weird sci-fi mode when doing this one. Hehe thank you Babs, it may have some engines, kinda looks like a UFO. That full moon was gorgeous, I was looking too. Andrea, I love that and maybe the blue was made of ice, thanks so much. Awww Kim, wow thank you! Ha, my word verification today is "axledew" sometimes you just gotta smile at them! :)

cynthia said...

Good timing, Lynette - we were just watching a TV show on UFOs the other day!

Janvangogh said...

I think you have it spot on. You could do this one HUGE.

Lynette said...

Cyn hehe that was good timing. I just finished reading 'Battlefield Earth' by Ron Hubbard so that must be what inspired me to do this one. I love sci-fi!
Thanks so much Janet. That was the biggest canvas I had but I would love to try some even larger someday.

José said...

Hi there,

Well, I'm not an abstracts appreciator, but I do like any style when good.
And I say that this one is good, namely because I sense a 3D feeling on this work.
And I think that you've chosen some really good colours to interact with each other.

Kind regards,


Lynette said...

Hello Jose and thank you so much for the nice comment! I have the hardest time trying to paint abstracts but I did like the way this one turned out. I love trying to get a 3-effect when I'm painting, Thanks again and I am heading over to visit your blog now. :p

brett said...

This one is really intense. I love it.