Friday, May 16, 2008

Somewhere in Kentucky with beautiful sky and bluegrass

Scenic view in Virginia near the Blue Ridge Pkwy

Me (left), my cousin, and little sister

above, sunset views driving through Charleston, West Virginia and traveling through the WV mountains on the interstate

The special old rocking chair which my Grandfather made before I was born. Lots of love in that old chair and the woodgrain is showing through on the seat because so many of us have sat in it through the years. I feel close to my Mom, Dad, and Papaw just sitting in it! It brings back so many memories.


Kim said...

Lynette, These photographs are beautiful...all of them. Love those Kentucky rolling hills. Of course, the Blue Ridge Parkway is my old stomping ground. The photo of beautiful you, your cousin and your little sister is the way you have done it in black and white!

I know your trip was wonderful and the very special rocking chair is fabulous. I know how things like that can mean so much. The greatest challenge, it seems, sometimes is to find the balance of holding on and moving forward, isn't it? I always feel things like your special rocking chair helps us to maintain the balance.

Lynette, thank you so much for sharing these very special photographs!

cynthia said...

The photos are gorgeous! It's a beautiful part of the country. I loved seeing the photo of you and your family too.


Lynnie, you gals look great! Sure see the resemblance between you & your sis.
All great photos, I keep looking for your lil Oreo Cows in the first,,,lol!
Aw, don't ya just love having that chair? I know I would. Very special!

Lynette said...

Awww Kim thank you so much for the kind words. That old chair is just priceless to me. It used to seem so huge when I rocked in it as a little girl. Lots of wonderful memories in it. You grew up in a gorgeous part of the country. I still want to travel down the Park Way instead of the Interstate next time.
Thanks so much Cyn. That was at my youngest sister's house. I grew up with my cousin (lady in the middle) from a real early age, in Louisville. Love 'em both lots and I have lots of relatives out there.
Hey Babs, thanks so very much! Betsy was always the tallest of us 3 girls and the baby of the family. There are some black cows in that photo you mentioned and they look like little oreo cows. :p

JafaBrit's Art said...

I just LOVe driving through the Blue Ridge Mountains, going to Gatlinburg and your photos remind me why. What a lovely post Lyn and such love in that chair.

San said...

What a treat these photos are, Lynette. Especially the one of you with your cousin and little sis. Sweet trio!