Sunday, August 24, 2008

More weird moon ramblings so very late at night ~ Being fascinated by that big moon sailing over the back yard I had to take some more pictures with the little digi camera!

At first I thought I had gotten a picture of some mysterious ghost, although I'm not sure I belive in them...then I realized that it was my cigarette smoke that had gotten in front of the camera as I was taking the picture. :) (I think that's what it was anyways!) I was trying to get a photo of the full moon which was in the sky over the garage, to the right.

The moon I was trying to capture, big and orange

...and the moon sailing past our favorite tree in the backyard.


cynthia said...

Oh, eerie indeed! That might be a really cool photo experiment with future night shots.

We had some amazing moons this past month here in Denver too.


Lynnie,,these are some really interesting photos,,,love the eerie-ness of the first, and that big orange moon looks like 'fall promised'.
We had so much rain during this moon,,,it would peek out through the clouds now & then. I tried to get a couple of shots,,,,they were eerie too,,,but I was trying new settings on my camera,,,and alas, just a black image!
Enjoyed yours!

Janvangogh said...

There is a screaming ghost right in the middle of your cigarette smoke.

Lynette said...

Hi Cyn, good grief I need to get in there and paint so I'll have something better to post next time. :p I saw on CNN tonight that a huge tornado was in Denver and it looked all red, now that was scary looking!
Thanks Babs and woohoo we are finally supposed to get some rain here the next couple days!
LOLOL Janet, you almost made me spit my coffee on the monitor! I couldn't tell what all that weird hazy stuff was until I dl my camera hehe. I was surprised that it turned out like that though.

Mother of Invention said...

That's almost a harvest moon...yes, fall is almost here...was 4C last night here!

CHEWY said...

Ha-Ha-Ha! Same thing happened to me yesterday. I was taking photos and stopped to light up a ciggy, when a bee landed on a flower. My shot had smoke in it too!

Cath S said...

I am glad I'm not the only moon-obsessed one around :-) Great shots, thanks for sharing.

Angela said...

I think yeah their eerie and all but that's just really really kewl! What wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing them!

fennymun said...

mysterious ghost captured by camera?! sounds not unusal in Asia though :)


Lynette said...

eek, MOI, it's hard to belive how fast this summer went by. Time to get out the warm clothes again.
LOL Chewy, I bet your photo turned out neat. The smoke does look kind of neat when you capture it in a photo like that.
Hi Cath and thanks, LOL yep I am moon obsessed too! Have to look out and see what she's doing every night...sigh, to have a better camera would be great though.
Hi Angela, LOL thank you!
Hehe fenny, yep it had a 'ghostly' quality to it though. I couldn't tell what all that stuff was till I downloaded the pics to the computer. :p