Wednesday, August 06, 2008

There's a rock hanging in the sky ~ Sooo, I was painting this WIP the other night...I usually place my paintings, if they're little, up on the shelf over the washing machine while I'm on the computer. My light chain over the washer had broken years ago, so I improvised with a round creek rock with a hole in the center. I twisted a long wire which goes up to the light bulb to turn it on and off. Well...every time I place a WIP up on that shelf, I turn on the light to study it while I'm using the computer. Most of the time, that rock is hanging in front of the painting and I have to look around it or put it behind the box of Tide. The other night, I had an inspiration to put the rock inside my painting so I ran in there and painted it in the sky. It's a 5 x 7 inch acrylics on watercolor paper and I'm tempted to just call it done. I don't know what else I could paint in there after the rock in the sky! :)
Ugh, I have been so sick since last Friday night. I think I got either the flu or a bad case of bronchitis. I'm starting to feel like I might survive though, felt much better today. Babs, thank you for that chicken soup, it did make me feel much better!!


Anonymous said...

That looks so kewl! Wonderful job! I love it! *HUGS*

Janvangogh said...

It kind of has a wrecking ball feel to yet. Yet it also looks like a big donut hanging over the landscape. I am sure if you dont tell what it was, you could get all sorts of different interpretations.

Lynette said...

Helloo Angela, thanks so much! *waving at ya*
Hehe Janet, it does look like a donut hanging in the sky, I've been painting some weird stuff lately. Thanks for the nice words!