Monday, September 22, 2008

First Day of Autumn Picnic ~ I'm bringing some chewy chocolate chip cookies for the picnic! It seems that a fellow blogger Marianne had a fantastic idea. She decided to have a picnic to celebrate the first day of Autumn! On Kim's blog I see that she is bringing some delicious Cafe au Lait and Andrea is bringing some lovely colorful french macaroons, check it out and see you at the picnic!

Don't throw that away! ~ I looked in the back of Rob's pickup truck (on the way to the dump) and barely rescued this old coal bucket that came from his late Grandma's house in West Virginia. I grabbed it out and bought and planted some flowers in it yesterday. Whew, I'm glad I saw it before he pulled out of the yard and it sure made a purty planter!


Kim said...

Ohhh, I love these yummy chocolate chip cookies! Wow, don't they look fabulous! Gee, they might be worth a road trip down the road, Lynette! Thanks for participating and for the shout outs, too!

And that coal know that was a good save! It is so funny, though that your husband thought it was junk...but I bet he has things he thinks are treasures, we would probably think was junk, too! The flowers sit nicely in there for sure!

Fun post! Thanks Lynette

fennymun said...

it's lovely indeed. Now, I want to have a picnic soon....

JafaBrit's Art said...

That coal bucket is wonderful, and I am putting on pounds just looking at those yummy cookies.
Hope all is well at your end :)

Lynette said...

Thank Kim and it's a good thing we had the picnic Monday since the 'noreaster' storm is blowing through today. Are you getting lots of rain and wind up there? I'm so glad I saw that coal bucket before Rob hauled it off.
Hi Fennymum, yep a picnic sure sounded fun to me too!
Hey Corinne, hehe a good thing I took that photo when I did because those cookies were actually gone before monday!

Janvangogh said...

Good rescue on the coal bucket. Looks wonderful on your front step.

cynthia said...

A virtual picnic? That's too cool! Your cookies look delish - I'm hungry now.

The Epiphany Artist said...

have a wonderful picnic! Yes what a beautiful coal bucket! TREASURE!
Cookies Cookie!!!


Sorry I missed the picnic,,I know all the food was fabulous,,,this pic. makes my mouth water!

So glad you didn't miss this coal bucket Lynn, it's a treasure!
And I read that you got a beautiful bloom,,,,,mine have not done well this year, the weather has not co-operated,,,I'm only gonna have a few seeds.

Lynette said...

Thanks Janet, the flowers still look pretty that I planted, sure glad I rescued that old bucket!
Hi Cyn, its a good thing I got that picture before Monday cause they were all gone by Fri. evening.
Heey Terri, LOL I need to make some more of those cookies and pass them around!
Babs, I'll save some cookies for you and I heard that your mini chocolate cake was good too. Hey maybe I should share that recipe in my blog? I still haven't made it yet though.

Mother of Invention said...

Such a great idea! I have a repro brass one we never use so I should do this too!

I love you black cat Puddin' Painting!