Friday, September 12, 2008

Playing in the Snow ~ I hope it's not too early to be playing in the snow but I had so much fun painting ACEOs last year with winter scenes. This is 3 that I'm working on now but I keep thinking I need to add a touch of red somewhere or put a finishing touch on them. Ick, I took the picture with a flash tonight so I'll get some better pictures outside after I finish them.

Passion Flowers (kudzu) vines ~ I brought some passion flower bulbs here to Virginia from Kentucky about 8 years ago. They come up (and come up and come up) everywhere as soon as the weather warms here. I love the flowers, but I have to pull up over a 100 vines sprouting up in the grass everywhere nearby. :o I believe next year I am going to save a bulb or two and try this vine as a potted plant and hopefully I won't have to pull vines sprouting all summer long! Arrgh, I'm tired of pulling them up every year LOL!

My thoughts and prayers are going out to those down in Galveston, TX tonight and I listened on the news in disbelief that many thousands are not evacuating down there, yikes!!



Hey Lynnie!
Love that parade of the trees going down the hill. Perfect shadows, and love the colors in the shadows.Great paintings, both!

Those passion flowers are so cool,,,,wild,,abstract!

Hoping those not evacuated in Texas are okay,,,will be a very long time getting back to any kind of normal there,,,,sigh. Hoping they don't find loss of life in Galveston.

Lynette said...

Aww Babs, I was thinking about youall out there and hoping that all was OK. I've been watching the news channels today and the devastation just boggles my mind! Thanks for the nice comments on my ACEOs and picture of the passion flower. I have some flower seeds and those little paintings that you sent me and I need to get them in the mail to you. I have been so darn lazy this summer. Oh Babs, I am hoping that there won't be a lot of lives lost down there too.

Kim said...

Hi Lynette,

I love the snow paintings. I don't think it is too early...maybe just wishful thinking! :) I know I am ready for it to be cooler and loved those couple of days this week.

I also love the passion flowers...awe, why not let them go? Eventually, you will have a great, colorful yard and not have to mow. Grass...causes so much trouble and work!

What a mess in Houston! Whew! Rode out a hurricane when we lived in Victoria. It was only a 1 when it got to us, and they did not evacuate anyone. I can say, if they told me it would be much more than a 1...evacuate or no, I am out of there! Hurricanes are serious poundings!

Thanks Lynette!

San said...

Lynette, I guess passion spreads like kudzu, but the flowers are gorgeous.

Watch it with those Christmas pictures. You're getting me in the holiday spirit already. These are all glisteny. Pass the eggnog!

cynthia said...

Your paintings are fantastic - but look a lot like snow and Christmas - events that I'm not yet ready for at the time. :)

The passion flowers are magnificent!

Lynette said...

Hi San and thanks, yes the flowers are really pretty and the big bumblebees love them too. I wish the vines would spread like crazy under the ground the way they do. Hehe, well the holidays are coming up woohoo!
Hi Cyn, wow thanks so much hehe, I always look forward to the holidays but it gets so hectic and busy! Thanks for the nice comments!

Lynette said...

oops, speaking about those vines, I meant to say I wish they 'wouldn't' spread.

Mother of Invention said...

These should be Christmas cards! What a great camera you have! The mushroom is perfect..I see sprites and brownies...maybe some Snowy Owl or Tawney owl with some Twinkies!

Janvangogh said...

I didnt realize that kudzu flowered. I would trade it for the bramble we have up here.

Lynette said...

Hi MOI, thanks and I've been thinking about making some homemade Christmas cards and tree ornaments.
Hey Janet, oops I just meant this vine is as aggravating as kudzu. It's a passion flower vine and I should have know better then just plant it out in the yard. We used to pull them out of the garden in Kenucky and they're considered weeds even though they have beautiful flowers. Next year, they're going in a container where I can watch 'em.

The Epiphany Artist said...

gorgeous Passion flower!