Saturday, September 06, 2008

Puddin wanted to say "Hi" ~ Today I was trying to take a picture of the painting in my last post, and yep I did work on it some more. Puddin kept trying to jump up on the bench where my painting was laying so after I got the picture, she jumped up and I got her picture too. LOL, look at her teeny tiny feet down there! Janet, from A Planet Named Janet gave me the idea for the title. Thanks Janet because I'm just calling this one 'The Peacock Tree'.



HI PUDDIN,,,,you purty girl you!
LOL,,,,they always want in on the action, don't they Lynnie?

Love this new painting, and the title too,,,but also definitely see bubbles!

I've been wondering about you & all this Hanna business,,,I know you've needed the rain, but hope you don't get too much all at once. My BIL was driving through Va. today & said it was POURING!
(but I don't remember where in Va he was at the time)
Anyway, take care,,, I'm hoping it doesn't get too bad!

Lynette said...

HEEYY Babs, we're fine here and all the grass is all pretty and green again. Hanna was just right for us, it was windy half the day today and then this evening the storm was gone and headed up to New England. It rained plenty last night and earlier today, but we did need it! Your BIL was probably not far from us then because the eye of Hanna went right over us. Isn't Puddin a ham LOL? She also likes to jump up on the bathroom sink in front of me when I'm trying to brush my teeth! :D

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of Puddin'!!! Thanks for sharing it with us! Cat's are just wonderful creatures. :)
The peacock tree is great as well. That symbol always stands for time to me. I think that's a great piece. In time, you will grow as a tree grows. Thanks for sharing all of this with us and for stopping by my blog. :)

fennymun said...

Wow, Puddin is definitely paying "a lot of attention" to your camera! I always thought cats would walk away whereas dogs would chasing after cameras.... :)

Janvangogh said...

Puddin' looks so wise with that white little mustache --- and how trendy! (mustache)

Thanks for the shout out. It looks like a peacock tree sprouting in a land of maraschino cherries!

Kim said...

Lynette, this is wonderful! You know I adore your trees. It reminds me of a lollipop tree! :) Anyway you look at it, though, I love what you have done with this.

And it is the autumn as the "leaves" are falling to the ground!

I Love It! And thanks Puddin for helping out with the photography! :)

I hope Saturday wasn't too big a wash out for you down there! We had about 10 inches up here.

Lynette said...

Thanks so much for the nice words Angela!
Hi Fenny, she usually does shy away from the camera but she was so nosy that day, I was lucky to get that photo!
LOL Janet, she has a mustache and little stripes on the back of her legs too. She really is smart for a cat, I think so anyways LOL!
Thanks so much Kim and wow you got a lot of rain up there! We had a lot too but I'm not sure how many inches though.

San said...

Great shot of Puddin. Those are beautiful, teeny-tiny feet.

Your "Peacock Tree" is so wispy and delicate. Lynette, you really have knack for magical trees.