Friday, May 30, 2008

Time for a Sunset ~ I'm not sure about this title yet but I was trying to think of somthing that had to do with the color red and time. This is 8 x 10 inches, acrylics and a little bit of black ink on a stretched canvas. I seem to be in a sci-fi mode lately when it comes to my art but I've been having the urge to paint some more trees soon. I think that'll be my next art project.

I know summer is not too far away because I saw my first lightening bug of the year right before it turned dark this evening. I was out on the deck in the backyard when I saw him. I don't remember ever seeing one this early in the year and I hope that doesn't mean that we're in for a scorching summer. But, ah those memories of chasing them on a warm humid night...running barefoot through the grass, giggling, sweating, running and jumping to catch them to put them in a mason glass jar and make a magical yellow lantern. :) Then later on, unscrewing the lid and letting them fly away till their next capture!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Where Earth Meets Sky ~ Two more ACEOs done in acrylics on 140 lb. watercolor paper. I was thinking of adding some of the tiny cows like the last one but decided to just leave them this way. Maybe some oreo cows for the next one though.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Men from Outer Space ~ This is the wip I was working on and I finally got it finished today. It's 11 x 14 inches on a deep stretched canvas. I was trying for pure abstraction, but started seeing the shapes of red cloaked figures walking towards what looks like a hole in a spaceship. Sometimes my imagination just takes over when doing a painting!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Somewhere in Kentucky with beautiful sky and bluegrass

Scenic view in Virginia near the Blue Ridge Pkwy

Me (left), my cousin, and little sister

above, sunset views driving through Charleston, West Virginia and traveling through the WV mountains on the interstate

The special old rocking chair which my Grandfather made before I was born. Lots of love in that old chair and the woodgrain is showing through on the seat because so many of us have sat in it through the years. I feel close to my Mom, Dad, and Papaw just sitting in it! It brings back so many memories.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Twinkle toes taking a top 'o the dryer nap ~ Well her feet are the biggest on any cat I've ever owned and she loves to nap on top of the dryer sometimes. Puddin' (my cat's real name) is a big old fat girl who stays up late with me at night and sometimes helps me with my painting.

It was so good to get back home from our trip to Kentucky and I have some photos which I'll post later. It was great to see my sister Betsy and we visited the cemetary to place flowers on Mom and Dad's resting place. I brought back some things things that Mom had owned including the big old rocking chair that Mom's Father made before I was born. I can sit in that old chair and just feel the ones who sat in her so many Dad with his stacks of Progressive Farmer magazines and chewing tobacco spitcan (ick), my Mom who sat in it for so many years holding us in her lap, even my Papaw who passed away long ago. he would take out his little tobacco pouch with a slice of apple in it, rolling his own cigarettes. Sometimes something handed down generation after generation takes on a little piece of the soul and spirit of the family who owned it. That's how I feel about that old chair.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

NEW PAINTINGS ~ This is two in acrylics I've been working on this week. Kim, looking at the awesome black/white pen doodles which you recently shared in your blog got me to thinking about the pen doodle I did last year. I did something different with it the other day. I printed it out on 140 lb. watercolor paper and then painted the colors in with acrylics. It was lots of fun, almost like a coloring book. :) The bottom painting is on a stretched canvas and still a WIP. I haven't titled it yet but I think the title will come to me as I do some more work on it when we get back from our trip.

WE ARE HEADING FOR KENTUCKY tomorrow morning and we will be back sometimes Tuesday evening. It's been kind of hectic with packing, washing clothes and getting ready for the trip. I plan on taking lots of photos traveling through those beautiful mountains. I'll miss youall and see ya when we get back!