Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rainbows in my kitchen window ~ I was very lucky to be able to purchase and acquire a very beautiful stained glass 'rainbow stick' for my window. Katie Jane (check out her blog) makes these beautiful treasures in stained glass and I LOVE it, thanks so much Kate!! There's no way this picture can do justice and I was hoping for a sunny day to get a picture, but it's been cloudy and rainy just about all week. Your rainbow sticks are exquisite!!

Stopping Time ~ This is one of those paintings that seem to never get finished. I've 'finished' this one at least twice before, only to add some more to it after I decided it looked better upside-down. It's hanging on the wall in my painting room and I'll be looking and thinking, 'hmmm' maybe I can add a touch of this color to that area, etc, etc...a never ending painting, ha maybe I should retitle it. This time I'm calling her finished for sure though! :) It's acrylics on a 11 x 14 inch stretched canvas. I hope everyone is having a great weekend, it's rain, rain and more rain here in Virginia.


~Babs said...

Your Rainbow Stick is almost as beautiful as my Rainbow Stick!
Just Kiddin',,,all Kate's glass works are fabulous!
Congrats on being a proud owner!

Love, love that painting too,,,and perfect title! I see all the inner workings of a clock. Great color and composition Lynn,,,and a nice size too!
Hope you get some sunshine soon, we're supposed to tomorrow.

Jeannette St.G. said...

The stianed glass rainbow stick is beautiful!
Your painting really made me laugh, many times have I done exactly the same!! I am glad I am not the only one:)

Genie said...

Hi Lyn
Thanks for visiting,
Love the rainbow Stick Beautiful as is the painting.
wishing you and us some sunshine,
have a great week

W. J. St. Christopher said...

Gorgeous piece and title, Lynette. If turning it upside down moved that circle of 'stars' to the top, then you made a perfect choice.

It's a beautiful piece in a nice size -- did I mention I LOVE the title?

Like the rainbow stick, too. What a great way to assemble and show off stained glass!

Freaky weather here -- freezing nights with 70 or 80 degree days and enough wind to lift you to OZ!

I'm not complaining, though, 100 degree afternoons are just around the corner. :-(

Lynette said...

Babs, I went and looked at your Katie pieces again and you're so lucky, you have 3 of them! I love my rainbow stick and yea, thanks for the sunshine wish cause we do have some sun today! Thanks for the nice words on my painting too!
Haa, Jeannette, nope you're not the only one to do that cause I've been dabbling with that painting a couple of years now! :) hehe, neverending painting!
Hi Genie, thanks so much and I'm wishing you some sunshine today too!
Aww thanks Wenday and the weather has been weird here too. I'm with you though, and I'm not looking forward to those 100 degree days, ugh, those summer heatwaves in Texas and Virginia!

Janvangogh said...

I have a couple of bits and scraps stained glass pieces. But not the stick shape. I really like it.

katie jane said...

Thank you so much, Lynnie! I know I'm late getting around to say that. It does look great in your window, and I'm so pleased that you like it.

I LOVE this painting! I guess I just have a scrambled mind, because art like this always speaks to me somehow. Keep it nearby and add, add, add.

Anonymous said...

Stopping Time.
Springs, clock-hands and all the inner workings frozen in time.

San said...

Lynette, Kate does such beautiful work. I love your Rainbow Stick--what a happy thing to gaze at--the play of light must be sheer joy!

Wow, your painting is so intricate, a multi-faceted jewel. I agree with Babs--the title is just perfect.

Lynette said...

Hi Janet, thanks so much!Katie, thanks so much and your rainbow stick is a real treasure and it just brightens up the whole kitchen, I love it!
Thanks Chewy, I think I finally got that one finished.
San, thank you so much!

~Babs said...

And your little trees look very happy there on your sidebar, all dressed up in their frames.

Lynette said...

Babs, I just got back from your blog and wow your daughter is soo gorgeous and I love your new collage too! Thanks so much and I finally got the fall trees done, I have trees coming out of my ears hehe!