Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Winter and Summer ~ I worked a little more on my winter trees last night and almost got spring done too, yea! I still have to add some wildflowers and of course the ribbon decorations. Next I'm going to start on the two summer trees. They are all 4 x 6 inches in acrylics. I think I'm going to order some ivory mats to go with these. It's beautiful and sunny out today and it's really welcome after all the cloudy and rainy days we've had here!


katie jane said...

Well, Lynnie, I look away for a minute and you go and post a whole bunch of stuff! I adore the new Undersee painting! Of course I would. This one is just as magical as the one I have. I love mine.

And you certainly do have Irish in your blood.

And your trees are wonderful too. I think they would look good framed up as four; winter, spring, summer, fall.

~Babs said...

Do I see a nest at the top of the trunk on that first spring tree?
It's always so fun to see you planting trees,,,of ANY season!

Me too.
Well, and Scottish,,,and that teensie bit of Cherokee at the tip of my little toe.
Did you make corned beef and cabbage? I couldn't wait and made it last week.

~Babs said...

PS: I think Puddin should do a "Got Milk" ad.

Lynette said...

Thanks Katie Jane, haha I was on a posting spree there, making up for the sparse posts I've been doing lately, I guess! :p Thanks so much for the nice words. I ordered some ivory colored mats for when I get those 2 sets of trees finished up.

Babs, omg, I was laughing so hard when I read what you said about Puddin' doing a 'got milk' ad! Hehehe, I just added a new Puddin' pic in my sidebar, thanks to you LOL. She sure has some funny markings and a white strip down the back of each leg too. Haaa a little milky mustasche! Babs, I have some Cherokee in me too. That old fellow in the pic (g-g-grandpa) had a Cherokee wife. Thanks for the nice words on my tree paintings!

Lynette said...

Babs, I bet your corned beef and cabbage was yummy! Nope, I didn't make it. I love cooked cabbage but Rob wouldn't eat it, no way. :(

Janvangogh said...

Lovely trees Lynette. So much like today. Near spring like and then snow.

I like Puddin's Got Milk. You probably have several photos of him that could go on Icanhazcheesburger

Lynette said...

Janet, Thanks for the nice words and I finally finished those spring trees today. Haha, Babs is right, Puddin' would be a great candidate for the 'got milk' ads! I'll have to check out the 'Icanhazcheesburger' site!