Monday, March 02, 2009

Winter Wonderland ~ Haha, be careful what you wish for! I've been wishing for snow all winter and this is what we woke up to this morning. We had a blizzard blow through Virginia last night with strong winds, ice, rain, sleet and everything else imagineable blowing around and hitting the windows all night. We finally lost power around 3 a.m., but luckily we have a small generator and kerosene heater which kept us going till the electricity came back on this evening. I was going to make a snowman, but after shoveling the almost foot of snow off the sidewalks and steps, my aching back said to put it off till tomorrow. We did have fun making icicle and snow art out on the back deck though. Maybe a snowman tomorrow!
I would like to give a 'shout out' for an awesome new artist's chat forum on the web...if you're a regular at the WetCanvas! site, you'll see lots of familiar faces and great conversation! Check it out:


Jeannette St.G. said...

I was going to comment on the icicles standing up straight, but now I know - manmade :)
Glad for you that the power came back on - waauw, you would almost need a generator in those areas, huh? Keep warm!
PS I liked the snow on you gardentablecloth, it looks like a giant cupcake now!

~Babs said...

Wow, it IS beautiful! Really glad it's yours and not mine.
Love the ice sculptures,,and the tree boughs heavy with the snow.
Very glad you have a generator and heater,it's SO darned inconvenient when you lose power!
(not to mention freezing to death)

W. J. St. Christopher said...

Gosh, Lynette, these are amazing photos -- especially the moody pieces that look like they're shot through a window! Thanks for sharing them with the snow-deficient (me!).

We topped 90 degrees here last week. It's cooler this week, but we've had virtually no 'winter weather' this year.

I feel deprived . . .

Looks like you're putting the new camera to very good use!

Janvangogh said...

We got alot of snow yesterday also. I shovelled a small path out our front door and am feeling it in my arms and shoulders today. Fortunately our neighbor had a crew come by to do his drive. They stopped by my house and did my drive and walk for $30. It was definitely well worth the money.

I am sad tho that it was so windy that the snow didnt accumulate in the trees. I like it when it looks like all the trees and bushes look like they are growing cotton.

tlwest said...

I love the little bit of color left - the berries in nature and the checkered table cloth. how beautiful :)

katie jane said...

OMG!!!! I was wondering about you down there in VA. It missed us somehow. I love your deck table! It looks like a big cake with candles! So glad you didn't have to go long without heat.

Genie said...

Hope you have got heating now?
We have cold and sleet today , Snow up on the moors, but not in town, have a fun week

fennymun said...

Wow! What a freezing winter out there at your area! By the way, I like photo with icicles standing up on the little table. Amazing indeed.

Lynette said...

Thanks Jeannette and yes that generator has really came in handy when the power goes out. It was out 11 hours this time. We had fun playing with the icicles!

Hehe Babs, I don't blame you, I'm ready for spring now that we finally got some snow. It's gonna be in the '70's by the weekend!

Aww Wendy, this was the first real snow we've had in years. Yikes, 90 degrees, that's so hot, ugh it makes me dread the hot summers here. the snow is melting fast.

Janet, my back was really catchy that night after I shoveled that snow, it can sneak up on you. We had a real wet and heavy snow this time.

Hi Terri, ha those little bits of red was all the color I could see that day and glad I captured a little of it.

Hi Katie Jane, we had the good old kerosene heater and it worked pretty good to warm up our small house. We had fun making those icicle 'sculptures'!

Thanks Genie and I hope you have a great week too, I bet it's so lovely where you live, and I would love to visit there someday!

Wow, thank you Fenny and I feel very flattered at your words because I know what a fantastic photographer you are, thank you!!

Anonymous said...

I really an intrigued by the way you painted the snow around the winter trees. Beautiful.

Oh, I must check out that new forum. Thanks for posting the link.

Lynette said...

Hi Chewy, wow thanks for the nice words! I like that new chat forum and see some of the old WetCanvas! regulars posting in there too.

Arts and photos said...

Nice photos, I have some photos names "winter wonderland" too on my blog. I like your artworks too. Keep up the good work!