Friday, May 15, 2009

More rainbows and storm clouds ~ I took these pictures this evening and it's been more stormy, crazy weather here in central Virginia! I climbed under a tree to get the first picture and every time we have a rainbow (which is often, amost every time it rains here lately) I'm out there with my camera like a crazy person...I hope everyone has a fun and fantastic weekend!! I've been painting too but nothing worth sharing yet. I have to grab these photo ops while I can!


~Babs said...

Lord, now she's climbing trees!
I think that must be the sign of a dedicated photographer!
And well worth yhe trouble too, I might add.
I'm so jealous of all your rainbows,,,,so gorgeous!
You should paint that last one,,,love that golden light coming through

katie jane said...

I love them both, but goodness, what a fantastic painting the second photo would make. Looks like something Babs would paint. You do seem to get a lot of rainbows there, but I never tire of seeing your photos of them. Each and every rainbow is different. Never before seen and never seen again. I never thought about that before.

Kim said...

Lynette, these are truly beautiful. I think it is the fleeting moment a rainbow lasts which makes us want to run for the camera. Have you had any double rainbows? I saw those a couple of times in England...they are amazing!

You take care and be careful out there under the tree with storms around!

Lynette said...

Haaa, Babs now that's an idea hehe! I was standing on the ground and zoomed in to get that pic and I tell ya, I did fall out of a tree when I was kid and almost broke my ribs. They taped me up like a mummy for a couple weeks. No more tree climbing for me at my age (ha, well maybe, I think I'm still a tomboy) LOL!
Thanks Katie, I'm 'catching' those rainbows while I can, they're so pretty!
Kim, oh I love double rainbows, they are awesome. A couple of times I've seen a double one out at the end of the yard but it was too faint to get a good picture.

fennymun said...

Good capture, Lynette, of such a beautiful rainbow! amazing indeed... ;)

~Babs said...

Lynnie, I actually read that to say that you DID climb the tree!
(and I wasn't surprised!)

Lynette said...

Hii Fenny, thanks so very much!
OMG Babs, you're right I did say I 'climbed' under a tree LOLOL!! I guess I should've said my feet were on the ground but I had my head sticking up through the limbs and leaves! :):p I'd probably still try and climb it if I was just a little bit younger though!

jeannette stgermain said...

Wow, the second pic is amazing (that little yellow in the left clouds does it!!) thanks for being crazy - it was worth it:)

Lynette said...

Thanks Jeannette, those were some crazy looking storm clouds taken right around sunset and I'm glad I got that picture!