Friday, May 29, 2009

'City Kitty'

'Amusement Park Moon'

A couple more ACEOs and youuuu guessed it...another rainbow!! ~ I just finished these two little paintings, both in acrylics on watercolor paper. I've been wanting to paint something larger but we're going to have a mess in the house next week with some new carpet coming in. The first room to get the carpet will be the little room I paint in...yes a very large drop cloth is going to cover the floor in there after next week because I'll be so paranoid of any paint spatters getting on the floor now. More stormy weather produced this rainbow yesterday evening and of course I'm running for the camera again, pointing it at the sky. I hope everyone has a fun, creative and great weekend!


Janvangogh said...

The stubby little kitty tail is so cute!

jeannette stgermain said...

I like the Amusement park, a cheerful night painting! And I can't remember that I saw your Holiday Window before that is in your Etsy store? Did you post it on your blog - very creative view/angle. Also ultramarine is one of my favorite colors:)

San said...

Your City Kitty is just precious and reminds me of a small painting by another artist I sold many years ago. It even had the same title!

That rainbow sky is phenomenal!

~Babs said...

Well Lynnie, that rainbow sky is just amazing,,,great shot!

LOVE the little bird sharing his wire with the kitty,,,,that is such a cute composition!

Also the amusement park,,,,your imagination is unbeatable, as is your execution. Great lil paintings Lynn!

katie jane said...

My word! You do have the most amazing skies! You must be sitting on the pot of gold, girl, with so many rainbows.
Your paintings are darling. Love the roller coaster moon.

W. J. St. Christopher said...

Hey, stranger!

Holy wow, Lynette! You've taken your sparkly dots to a whole, new level. These are both fabulous!

Heck, I can't even decide which I like most. You know I love your moons -- and the 'amusement park' theme is icing on the cake. But, that sparkly cityscape is . . . ah-maaaaaazing!

Lynette said...

Thanks Janet!
Thanks Jeannette, I painted and sold the original of that one a couple of Chrimases ago, I was in a winter mood when I painted that. I have an aceo size print of that in my Etsy store.
Thanks so much San! That is a coincidence cause I just painted that from my imagination and drew out the kitty with a stubby tail from a painting I did a couple of weeks ago.
Thanks Babs!! <3
Thanks so much Kate and WJ...ha, we just get a lot of rain and sun and it's been producing lots of rainbows this spring. I'm the nut running out there with my camera every time! :)