Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Strange Little Creatures ~ I have 'see creetures' above, a new painting that's 6 x 6 inches on a stretched canvas and...

my oreo cookie seeds are really coming up! Last year Babs had sent me some of these seeds (thanks Babs!) and I planted them out in the back yard. Only one of them managed to come up through the thick grass and dry conditions out there. This year, I'm putting them up on the deck in a big clay pot and I can keep the grass out and keep them nice and watered. The sprouts are so cute and they made little holes in the dirt coming up. The seed halves look like they are ready to start clapping! I remember that the flowers are called grape hyanciths and they have beautifully colored vines and flowers later in the summer.


Fenny said...

Hi Lynette, those little creatures look like something painted for a kid's books. lovely indeed...:)

~Babs said...

Fun! More See creatures!
And these would be excellent illustrations for kids books!

Your oreo beans look great!
You are ahead of me,,,,it's rained and stormed so much I haven't even gotten mine planted yet.The stuff I did get planted is sooooo soaked, don't know if it will make it or not.

Lynette said...

Thank you Fenny, I had fun painting those little creatures!
Babs, hehe thanks so much, I know I'm either painting trees or sea creetures LOL! My oreo seeds are growing like crazy this year! They must really like that big pot I put them in. I didn't get any seeds from last year but I'm hoping to get a bunch this year from the looks of it so far. Ugh, I know youall have been clobbered with rain this year!