Saturday, September 05, 2009

Moon Sprinkled Pumpkins ~ aceo/atc size in acrylics and crystal glitter

Winter Sparkle Redbirds ~ This is acrylics and crystal glitter on 4 x 6 inch watercolor paper

Sparkly Sprinkles and a New Abstract Painting in Blue ~ I've been getting into the sparkly sprinkles again and not only is it going on my little paintings, it's also going in my hair, all over my hands, desk, floor, etc. I love using the stuff, especially when I'm trying to paint in details of frost or snow. I've been working on a larger painting also, 8 x 10 inches, acrylics on stretched canvas. I may work on this more or I may just call it finished, I'm not even sure yet. I think I'll hang it on the wall a few days and study it some more. I hope everyone is having a great weekend, I can definitely feel fall in the air here!


katie jane said...

I can see that you are getting into the spirit of the season! I get all tingly and excited this time of year and I love your new paintings. I like your abstract too. Not sure if it needs more or not. Let us know what you dedide to do with it.

Anonymous said...

How absolutely beautiful! :) A mystical feel to them. Great works! Thanks for sharing them! *HUGS*

Lynette said...

Thanks Kate, yes I love painting holiday themes, it's so fun! I'm undecided about that blue one. I'll look at it again in a couple days.
Hey Angela, wow thanks so much for the nice words!

Janvangogh said...

The redbirds painting feels like the moon is out. Very nice.

~Babs said...

Very unusual, but very Lynnie Pumpkin Patch!
Oh, and I adore the redbird trees,,,they seem very Christmas-y, and would make a wonderful card.
Always eager to see if you decide to add more to the abstracts. I love how your mind works!

Lynette said...

Hi Janet and thanks so much!
Babs, thanks and that is a neat idea, one of the days I'm going to print some Christmas cards from a painting. I usually buy them right after Christmas and last year I didn't get any. I'm not even sure where that abstract is going yet but I know it needs something else.

San said...

All are dazzling, but I especially like The Great Pumpkin Patch. That says fall is here.