Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Old Bridge on the New River ~ I just finished this aceo/atc size acrylic painting on watercolor paper last night. I picked and picked and finally had to tell myself to stop and call it finished. I painted it from a photo I had taken when we went to the New River Gorge bridge back in July. We were thinking about going out again for official 'Bridge Day' on October 17, but there are going to be sooo many people there for that extreme sporting event. We may go the weekend before. I hope so, it's an amazing place! Haa, of course we were just going to watch the people parachuting and bungee jumping off the bridge, not join in! :o

Is it a hummingbird!? ~ Standing in the front door as dusk was coming, my husband called and said, "hurry up and come look at this and bring your camera!" It turned out I didn't need to hurry because this large hummingbird moth took it's time at all the flowers in front of the house. I used the flash on the camera to get these pictures.


jeannette stgermain said...

Never seen a hummingbird-moth!
So who is more you, this dreamy painting of the bridge, or the fiery, war-like painting from your previous post?? (am curious what your response will be:) )

Lynette said...

Hi Jeannette, I think both of them are me...I painted the bridge from a photo I took on a trip we took to a beautiful place and the war-like one (ha!) purely from my imagination, purely spontaneous!

Lynn said...

What an amazing creature that moth is.

And your atc is lovely. glad you will not be jumping off the bridge.

San said...

Lynette, I love the gleam in the moth's eye!

And your bridge painting is so sweet--like that gleam in the eye, it speaks of possibility, places to cross over to, things to see...

katie jane said...

Wow, this hummingbird moth is amazing! I've never seen one of these before!

Love your little bridge painting. I never can figure how you gals can get so much on such a small piece of paper! A real masterpiece.

It would be nice to go there and see all the festivities. Hope you do.

Anonymous said...

How beautiful!!!

~Babs said...

Oh, you know how much I love your bridges, and this little gem is a jewel!
Are those the four o'clocks? Beautiful!
I'd never heard of a hummingbird moth, so Googled. Very interesting!
Hope you do get back to the bridge festivities,,,but no jumping allowed!

Lynette said...

Thanks Lynn, ha I would not jump off that bridge in a million years although it would be fun to see other brave people doing it as long as they land safely.
San, that moth caught the flash from the camera, I haven't seen him since. Thanks for the nice words.
Aw Kate, thanks so much. I admit that I picked and picked at that little painting and spent a lot of time on it. That moth was so neat and I bet you have them in your area too, we just got lucky to see him.
Aw thanks Angela and hugs back atcha!
Babs, yep those are the 4 o'clock seeds that you sent me, they are so pretty! That moth sure liked them, he was flying from bloom to bloom. Thanks for the nice words on my bridge, woo they are a challenge to paint!

鐵火卷John said...
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