Thursday, September 10, 2009

You can see the sparkle effect in the pic above

Snowy Day Sparkle I & II ~ More ACEO/ATC size paintings done with acrylics and crystal glitter, I love using the sparkly stuff just on the trees and snow!
EEEEEEEEEEK ~ I went out on the deck last night to have a cigarette and saw something crawling on the window out there and it wasn't a moth! Needless to say, I smoked under the stove fan the rest of the evening and I'm too chicken to go out on the deck tonight! I believe this is a Japanese hornet and we have seen them out here in the county where we live the last couple of years and they're becoming a problem, especially when I can't even go out on the deck at night and Rob is scared to mow back there. When the weather gets cooler, we're going to see if we can find the nest (they build them in trees) and look for an exterminator! I don't mind harmless creepy crawlies but these things give me the shivers! btw, I took this pic through the safety of the window, it was like he was trying to find a crack to crawl through...thank goodness we had all the windows fixed up last fall! :o :o


~Babs said...

Lynnie, these are chillingly beautiful! I always enjoy seeing your new snow sparklies,,and like always, they're wonderful!

I'd never heard of Japanese Hornets, so I Googled.
We have what's called Locust wasps here,,,very similar,so big they kill and feed on locusts. They make their nests in the ground, and are very hard to exterminate, even by professionals. We've not ever had them, but know people who have. Be careful,,,those things are so dangerous, as you know!
SCAREY,,,their sting can be lethal!

Lynette said...

Hey Babsers, thanks so much, I enjoyed doing those snowy aceos. Eee, I seriously have the creeps just looking at that picture. I just did some searching and found out it's not a Japanese hornet but a European hornet, which isn't as bad but I'm still afraid to go out on the deck tonight. Aha, I found out the reason we probably have them is because of the apple trees back there! Will definitely be searching for the nest (ha when we get brave enough!) Ugh I saw the locust wasps and they are some creepy looking buggers too!!

Lynn said...

that is a pretty bug but I wouldn't want to meet up with it close up and personal either.
That would be enough to get me to stop smoking I think. LOL

Pretty glitter on the snowy trees too!

Lynette said...

Hi Lynn, you're right and I should stop smoking anyways. Ugh, I read those hornets are attracted to the lights at night, why can't they sleep at night like normal bees? Thanks for the nice words on my snowy aceos.

JafaBrit's Art said...

I thought I would pop by and get a dose of your beautiful paintings and I got eeeeeeeeeeks too.
That wasp looks flipping scary.

sukipoet said...

love the trees. would make a nice christmas card.

San said...

Wow, Lynette, you've got me wishing for Christmas! And glad that hornet isn't on my back deck. I was wondering how you got such a closeup. Thank goodness for window panes.

katie jane said...

He looks like a nasty creepy crawly! I wouldn't go back out there again either! Hope you get rid of him and all his relatives!

Love your snowy paintings. They make me wistful, although I'm in NO hurry to have snow.

Lynette said...

Thanks Corinne and hehe he was scary looking for sure, ugh ugh ugh I'm glad he was outside looking in and not the other way around!
Hi Suki and thanks so much, that is a neat idea! I've thought of printing up my own Christmas cards.
Thanks San and I sure wouldn't have been that close to him if that window pane wasn't there lol.
Hi Kate and thanks so much... guess what I was working on tonight? I just got the page finished for your traveling sketchbook and I think it turned out pretty neat so I hope you'll like it!

Eraethil said...

Lovely sparkly works!

Lynette said...

Hi Rick and thank you so much!