Friday, September 25, 2009

Morning Glory Beauties ~ I started to yank this vine out that was growing up the old lily stalks and now I'm so glad that I didn't. The sun was shining though the blooms and I captured the intense color before the blooms folded up for the day.

More ACEOs ~ I've been painting more little paintings in acrylics. The one above is titled 'Softly Through the Mountains'. I remember how it looked all hazy, soft and blue when we drove through the mountains in West Virginia...that title just jumped in my mind and I think it suited this one fine.

'Earth and Sky' I and II. I was ready to throw these two aceo's away until I mixed some blue and white for the sky. They seemed to take on a new life and I liked how they turned out.

'Get Outta My Nectar' ~ This is another aceo which I did for the September nfac (nibblefest art contest) in ebay. I really enjoy painting themes, it's a challenge and fun too! The theme was birds and bees and I painted the problem we had with our feeders, which is the bees were hanging around and actually chasing the birds away. I hope everyone has a fun and creative weekend!


Eraethil said...

Really like the two big sky landscapes. Beautiful! Glad you found the right blue tint to save them, but I never would have guessed they needed saving.

~Babs said...

Lynnie, I know sometimes it can be annoying to hear it, but those two abstract landscapes would be awseome in the large. Of course I love them in the small too,,,,they're very intriguing, and oh so mysterious!
Great morning glories,,,my Grandma always had those.
I love your little hummer painting too!

Lynette said...

Hello Rick, thanks so much! Those 2didn't have any contrast at all, but after I painted in the blue skies, the result sure surprised me. It sure saved them from the trashcan!
Heya Babsers, thanks so much! I haven't even attemped a large one but you sure gave me an idea to try one of these larger. I unwrapped a canvas, so maybe that's what I'll attempt with it!

katie jane said...

Pretty ACEOs. The one of the trees really does look like the Blue Ridge Mtns. Can't wait to capture my own images.
I have the same problem with the wasps at the h-bird feeder. Can't figure out how to remedy that. This is a very cute painting of it.

Lynette said...

Hi Kate, thanks for the nice words. I got so many photos when we drove through there, what beautiful scenery, it's so inspiring. We finally gave up on the hummer feeder. We moved it to several different places and the wasps would always end up finding it. I haven't seen any hummers lately, they're probably migrating to Mexico now.

Jeff Lafferty said...

Hi Lynette
I saw you on wetcanvas and I thought I would drop by and check out you art.

Really nice stuff

Lynette said...

Hi Jeff, thanks so much, what an honor to get a compliment from someone as talented as you! I was just checking out your portrait art cards and being a trekkie fan, I just had to order a set of your prints. :p All of them look great!