Monday, October 12, 2009

Colors of Autumn ~ This is two new aceo size paintings I did this week in acrylics. I have them both listed in ebay. I've been really feeling the mood of fall...especially since the temps have dropped and we are turning on the heater at night now, brrr!

I'm so proud of my daughter, who is so very busy...working and going to college classes to someday become a pharmacist. She had a break today before classes and found time to visit her dad and me and have a cup of coffee and a visit.

All day long, we haven't seen a speck of sun. It was gray and drizzling all day. Then right as it got dark, we look out west and finally see the sun right as it was setting in fiery colors!


Lynn said...

Beautiful daughter
Beautiful painting
Beautiful sunset

Life is good!

sukipoet said...

a grey day here too but no happy sunset. Nice cards, and what a lovely daughter!

Janvangogh said...

The tree paintings are so subdued -- with just a few stars in the sky. Looks like they are wearing ribbons in their hair ala 60's hippies.

~Babs said...

She's so beautiful Lynnie, and I'll bet on the inside too.
That is a wonderful Halloweenish photo at the bottom,and your Autumn trees are ,,,,just so 'Lynette'!
Love your black pansies too!

Lynette said...

Thanks so much Lynn, what sweet words, you're right, life is good!
Hi Suki, thanks so much. I think the last time we had a nice sunny day here in Virginia was almost a week ago. ugh, darn nor'easter storm, it's finally going away, yea!
Thanks Janet, ha they could be hippy trees. I was trying to capture the fall colors in them.
Aww, thank you Babs!