Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Colors ~ Our crepe myrtle hardly bloomed at all this year, but she is putting on a fine show of scarlet color right now! Looking out at the back yard, guess who is going to be doing a lot of raking real! I enjoy it though. I don't have any new art to share, my muse has been on vacation lately. I think she's finally telling me to get in there and paint something tonight though, yea, about time she came back!

House on Fire! ~ Last week, we had soo many sirens go past the house at about 6 pm Thursday evening...Next the police were blocking off the main road and detouring traffic down the side road next door! Someone's house had caught on fire and omg, I'm so thankful nobody was hurt. The couple who lived there wasn't at home when the fire started but the house had extensive damage inside. So scary! I took this video (below) from our front door about 2 hours after all the sirens went by!


jeannette stgermain said...

Your crepe myrtle tree is stunning!! fires are scary!

katie jane said...

Oh Lynette, how awful that must have been. So scary, and so sad that someone has had damage to their home. That would be so horrible to come home to, but thank goodness no one was hurt.

Your crepe myrtle is gorgeous. I see those everywhere around here and they are so stunning.

I'm feeling a little artistically vacant these last few days too. Maybe our muses left town together.

Lynette said...

Hi Jeannette, thanks so much! That crepe myrtle is the prettiest that it's been all year.
Thanks Kate, ugh that was an awful night...the policeman was blowing that whistle every few seconds and the traffic was all backed up and turning around in our driveway. I'm just glad nobody was hurt. Kate, your muse must have returned I just saw your wonderful 'skoodle' in your blog and I love it!

~Babs said...

One outstanding crepe myrtle!
(one of my fave's)
House fires are so frightening,,,we had that one on our street a couple of years back.
No one hurt is always the very best news!

Lynette said...

Babs, I remember back when you had that fire on your steet, fires are so darn scary!! It's a good thing I got those pics of the leaves, they're falling really fast now.
:( I spent an hour raking on them today.