Friday, October 30, 2009

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! ~ I hope everyone has a fun, happy and safe Halloween! I've been enjoying eating the candy and watching the trees turn gorgeous fall colors this week!

Here are some ACEO paintings I finished this week in acrylics and... Wooohoo, I got a wonderful surprise in the mail yesterday! My completed Girlfriends Traveling Sketchbook arrived and it looks unbelievably awesome! My book has traveled all over the country and even to London, UK! Thanks so much girlfriends, I love it and I'll always treasure my book!! I also have another page to work on for Karen M's sketchbook and then only one more to go, which will be Aunt Mim's page! My book was so long, I had to stretch it across the carpet just to get a picture. Thank You Kate for starting the Girlfriend's Sketchbook project, you're much appreciated my friend!!


sukipoet said...

fabulous girfriends book. glad to know one has made it through everyone and back home again. Your ACEO's a wonderful and so wintery.

~Babs said...

Love your new little masterpieces Lynn,,,,great holiday paintings!
(love the pearly paint)
How cool you got your book!
And doesn't it look great? Really fun seeing it all stretched out!

Lynn said...

Love seeing your book completed. that didn't take so long. Love all the art I saw and can see. Several pages after mine look awesome too.

Happy Halloween.

Wonderful new are coming from you too.

katie jane said...

Oh, Lynnie! This book looks absolutely fabulous! So glad you like it and I'm SO glad you decided to be part of our group. Your art is, without a doubt, a marvelous addition to all our books.
I love your little trees, as I love all the work you do.

Lynette said...

Hi Suki, thanks so much and I really love my book! I hope everyone else's will soon make it back home too!
Thanks Babs, I tied a ribbon around my little book, I just love looking through it, so many creative and gorgeous pages!
Hi Lynn, you know I love your page and everyone elses too. I have Karen M's page to work on now and I think I'll get started on it tonight.
Kate, I can't thank you enough for including me in the girlfriend's sketchbook project, it has sure been so fun and what a treasure we all get back when the pages all make their rounds! Thanks Kate, lots and lots!!

Lynn said...

I just came back to see your book again. How awesome is this!!!!
What a trip it took and we too making each page for one another. I love this adventure.