Sunday, October 04, 2009

My Experiment for Today ~ I was sitting on the steps and picked one of the little petals off of one of the blue wildflowers (actually weed) which grows in the fence. I rubbed it between my fingers and it turned my fingers so blue! I thought hmm, what would happen if I painted an aceo with light yellow acrylics and then press the flowers into the wet paint? That part was tricky and delicate. I got some of the tiny little orange parts and a couple of leaves in there too. I then painted a layer of clear gloss medium over it all and sprinkled in a little bit of the crystal glitter. Next I used a black sharpee for the stems and red acrylics for the ribbon, with a dab of irridescent pearl in the middle of the flowers. When it was almost dry, I pressed a piece of yupo paper which made some neat textures. My experiment is almost dried and now I just wait to see if the plant parts will turn brown (oh no) or if the lovely color will stay this way!

Harvest Moon Sparkle ~ With fall colors...I love fall so much but it seems to be the sneezy, coughing season for me now. I've had awful allergies the last week and haven't felt much like painting. I did get this aceo done last night though and it's done in acrylics and crystal glitter over the moon and water. "aachooo" maybe I'm allergic to the crystal glitter, lol! I hope youall had a great weekend!


Lynn said...

sorry you are sneezy and wheezy. Hope this clears up soon.

I do love both these aceos. Is that the same as ATCs? Are you interested in trading for any of mine? I've posted some new ones recently done with mono printing on fabric and some felted ones. Let me know if any of them suit your fancy.

I do hope the flowers keep their color. That is a beautiful experiement. Would love to have it if it's for trade.

sukipoet said...

these are so lovely. I used to make pressed flower cards and coat acrylic medium over the flowers. I think they hold the color for a few years and maybe even longer (i give them all away so dont see them years later)

Lynette said...

Thanks Lynn and yes, atc and aceo are the same thing. I'd be happy to trade this one and I'll head over and check out your atcs. I really like how it turned out and I've still got a patch of those little wildflowers and want to make some more of these.
Hi Suki, thanks so much! I am so happy that the flower colors will stay good for a few years! I wasn't sure because I have never used flower petals in paint before. I can't wait to make more of these while the flowers are still out there!

Lynn said...

Lynette, the ATC you chose is yours. Please send me your snail mail address at And then I'll send you mine too. Thanks again. I love these little blue flowers.

Mystey Artist said...

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~Babs said...

OH! This 'experiment' of yours is one of the most gorgeous things I've seen in a while!
I'm glad to hear that those flowers will hold up too!
I'm also glad to hear you'll be making more,,,,put them in your Etsy,,,I want one!
I've never tried this either, but of course I may have to now!

Feel better real soon too Lynnie!

katie jane said...

OMG, Lynnette! I adore this darling bouquet! Will this be for sale? I will check your Etsy and see. You know how much I love pressed flower art! (I may have to try something like this when I get back home.)
Your Harvest Moon painting is wonderful, too. Sorry your allergies are acting up. My eyes are watering a lot this month.

Lynette said...

Haa, I think I started something good with these little pressed flower aceos. They're so fun to make! Lynn, you have the first one as a trade, in the mail to you. Babs, you have the 2nd one and Kate, I'm going to start on the 3rd one today. Those little blue flowers (weeds) are popping up in the fence and ready to be used in some new ones.
Hi Mystey Artist, thanks and I'll check out your blog and directory, sounds very interesting.

Anonymous said...

The "flower" art card experiments are lovely.